About BTES Consulting Services Private Limited

  • BTES Consulting Services Private Limited, started as proprietary organisation on September 17, 2009 and became a partnership firm on May 31, 2016 with two directors namely Rajesh Kumar Chopra and Bharti Chopra. On September 18, 2019, partnership firm became Private limited company with the new name of M/s. BTES CONSULTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (BCSPL), thereby existing partners converting to Directors and with induction of new director Mr. Varun Kirti Kaushik. BTES CONSULTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (BCSPL) is incorporated on this Eighteenth day of September Two thousand nineteen under the Companies Act, 2013 for the very purpose of converting BTES, a partnership firm into a private limited company. On 13th of February 2020, BTES CONSULTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED acquired the partnership firm BTES Consulting Services Private Limited.

    BTES CONSULTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (BCSPL) is incorporated with the aim of providing quality services in field of infrastructure consulting engineering. We have established ourselves with clear goal of providing most professional and valued consulting services. We are a team of experienced engineers and other professionals in the field of transportation sector especially traffic, highway and bridge engineering. The core expertise of our team is combined through a dynamic multi-disciplined approach to produce industry leading planning techniques, outcomes and innovative approaches to deliver complex road infrastructure projects. Our strength lies in our unique professional approach to bring value to all infrastructure projects. Our depth of experience, knowledge and proven multi-discipline approach is a key to successful execution of projects. We are aiming to develop into a premier consultancy organization by providing consultancy from the stage of conceptualization to detailed planning and engineering for varied and diverse spectrum of projects. The services include pre-feasibility & feasibility studies, detailed engineering studies for highways, bridges and pre-bid advisory services to our Clients.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chopra

(Founder & Managing Director)

Shri. Rajesh Kumar Chopra is Director and founder of “BTES CONSULTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED”. Mr. Rajesh Chopra is an Engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy and Post graduate in Soil Mechanics and foundation Engineering from IIT, Delhi. Brief Description of Mr. Chopra is given hereunder for reference:

Mr. Chopra has more than 28 years of experience in Highway Engineering which includes World Bank and Asian Development Bank Funded Highway Engineering Projects in India and abroad. He has played the key role in pavement engineering, highway design and business development and have an inclination and zeal for developing the business. He has been team leader for many projects and overall responsible for the delivery of the project. He plays the key role in Client interaction and attends all the technical meetings and delivers presentations to the Clients. He carried out Computer Aided Highway Geometric and Pavement Design for various roads of Domestic (IRC) and International standards (AASHTO) in different Feasibility and Detailed Engineering Projects. He has taken the front man role in BOT project right from inception to commission. He has big expertise in flexible and rigid pavement design, geometric design of Interchanges like Cloverleaf, trumpet etc. in MX using input files and command reference language. His experience also includes the rate analysis and cost estimation of different elements of crust thickness of roads in detailed Engineering and various construction supervision projects. He has coordinated and carried out Computer Aided analysis of Road Inventory, Soil and Sub-soil investigations, Condition Surveys and Deflection test for Highway Engineering Projects. He has been involving himself in comprehensive Planning, formulation of Traffic Management Schemes, Interchanges Design, compilation and analysis of Traffic Volume, O-D Survey and Axle Surveys for Traffic and Transport Planning Projects. He has wide experience in Project formulation, preparation of Feasibility and Detailed Engineering Reports and preparation of computer aided drawings for Highway Projects. He also possesses the experience of working as design head for live construction projects to produce the GFC’s and tackle various contractual issues related to design. Coordinate with different agencies and provide most suitable solutions suiting construction and provide guidance to several associated department including contracts, project management and costing etc. Responsible for developing and mentoring the in-house design team of young and experienced engineers. Instrumental in bringing recent advances in highway design industry and implementing it in recently won highway construction projects like cold mixes and base stabilization techniques and responsible for achieving significant saving in total cost of projects.

Smt. Bharti Chopra

(Managing Partner)

Smt. Bharti Chopra is a Director who is responsible for all the administrative activities of the organization and has marked experience in banking sectors and in public relations.

Mr. Varun Kirti

(Managing Partner)

Mr. Varun Kirti is a Director and a key decision maker in BTES. Mr. Varun is an alumnus of National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, with a graduate degree in Civil Engineering. He also possesses a post graduate degree in Highway Safety and Engineering. Before establishment of BTES, Mr. Varun had been associated with multi-national consultancies and concessionaires and has delivered wide range of projects in highway infrastructure. He has rich experience in detailed engineering designs and PMC for construction projects, Feasibility Studies and Detailed Engineering studies (DPR) for government agencies like NHAI, MORTH and state road development departments; design consultancy and pre tendering works of National Highways and State Highways for contractors as per IRC (Indian Road Congress) recommendations; detailed design and concept design for international projects based on AASHTO, DMRB and other national guidelines. Working on Indian and international projects has exposed him well to work in varied work cultures.

His Key skills include:
  • CAD Geometric Design of Roadways using AASHTO, IRC guide lines in Plain/Rolling & Hilly Terrain with the aid of Bentley MX Road.
  • Pavement design of rigid/flexible pavements and overlay designs.
  • Engineering investigations and analysis; Axle load survey, surface evenness & roughness, BBD etc.
  • Traffic analysis of various kinds; CTVC, OD surveys, TMC, speed Delay etc.
  • Quantities computation and BOQ preparation.
  • Meetings with clients and authorities.
  • Drainage design.
  • Preparation of Reports & presentations.
  • Ensuring quality and timely delivery of reports.
  • Compliance of queries received from site/client/authority.

Mr. Vikas Varshney


Mr. Vikas Varshney is a Director and a key decision maker in BTES. Mr. Vikas is an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, with a graduate degree in Civil Engineering. He also possesses a post graduate degree in Structures Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. He has rich expereince in Bridge Design Engineering. As a Director, he is currently managing with different activities related to Prebid services, preparation of Detail Design and Drawings of Structures for Feasibility, Preliminary Project Report and Detail Project Report of infrastructure consultancy projects. The main tasks include designing of Bridges/Structures in accordance with survey details, highway requirements and to assure compliance with project requirements and provide economical engineering designs keeping practical aspect and construction ease in mind. The other tasks are preparation of Bill of Quantities, preparation of inception/feasibility /Draft/Final reports, visiting sites for Reconnaissance, Inventory, Condition Survey and Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Bridges/Structures.