Our Projects

Completed Design and Pre bid Advisory Projects

  • Pre-bid services for Road Works Estimation Works for five packages to be executed on EPC mode in the state of Maharashtra
    Client: JMC Project (India) Ltd., Mumbai

  • 50 km of hill road design “Tupul” to “Kasomkhullen” in the state of Manipur. _A section under ADB TA for North Eastern State Road Improvement Project “NESRIP”, in year 2008-2009.
    Client : Transys Consulting Pvt. Ltd

  • Consultancy Services for preparation of Feasibility report for construction of Manarkad bypass on NH-213 in state of Kerala, in year 2010.
    Client: PEMS Engineering Consultants.

  • Highway Design Review of Ranchi – Patratu Dam- Ramgarh Road (package RPR) in state of Jharkhand, in 2010.
    Client: MSV international Inc

  • Consultancy services for grading the roads (making 3D models) for Bhopal Airport, in year 2010
    Client : Gifford India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Design review, preparation of BOQ and writing report for 65 km long proposed road connectivity from Bhadrak to Dhamra port in state of Odhisa, in year 2010.
    Client : Howe (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Prebid services including preliminary road design and computation of road quantities for strengthening and widening the existing 2 lane road to 2 lanes with paved shoulder of about 160 km long Phalodi- Jaisalmer road (NH-15) in state of Rajasthan in year 2014.
    Client : Pioneer Infra Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

  • Pre bid services for four lanning of existing 2 lane road of National Highway 163 from Yadgiri at km. 54 to Warangal at Km. 154 in the state of Telengana in year 2014.

  • Pre bid services for development to Four-Lanes with paved side shoulders of End of Sangrur Bypass to Tapa section of NH-64 [New NH No. 7] from existing Km 116/950 to Km 138/030 and existing Km 142/950 to Km 168/0 in state of Punjab under NHDP –IV in year 2015.

  • Computation for road quantities as per the specific requirements of Client for national highways projects in Assam
    Client : Avanza Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

  • Apart from above, professionals of BTES has been involving themselves in providing advisory services and carrying out in innovative flexible pavement design using chemical stabilizers as per the guidelines of IRC 37 :2012 to the different companies in field of chemical stabilizers

  • 4 lanning of 44 km or road in state of Assam. Work includes detail design of roads including pavement design, rate analysis , computation of quantities and production of shop drawings._2016

  • Pre bid services of Allahabad – Pratapgarh section of NH-96. Services includes preparation of report for traffic and axle load surveys and finally carrying out pavement and rigid pavement design in year 2016.
    Client : Corsan Corvium Construction (I) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Preparation of report and analysis of traffic surveys including CVC counts, OD survey, axle load surveys, speed and delay survey, pedestrian count survey, Benkelman beam deflection survey, turning movement counts and roughness surveys, finding growth rates by transport elasticity method, suggesting the axle load pattern for rigid pavement design, computing VDF and MSA for flexible pavement design for 53 km in DPR preparation of : Bhivapur – Bhandara section of SH- 355 in state of Maharashtra in year 2016.
    Client: LKT Engineering consultants Limited

  • ⦁ Pre-tender services of Gujarat Border – Ahmedabad section of NH-8. Services includes pavement design for conventional granular sub-base and cemented sub-base; quantities computation and detailed BOQ preparation for highways and bridges, report preparation. in year 2016
    Client : SOMA Enterprise Ltd.

  • ⦁ Proof checking services for NH-2 project (phase-II & III of Isolux Corsan section in Varanasi-Aurangabad section). Services included reviewing the design of main carriageway, service road, drains and flexible/rigid pavement design; identifying the scope of value engineering strictly while comparing the design as per CA and contractual clauses and report preparation in year 2017.
    Client : SOMA Enterprise Ltd.

  • ⦁ Proof checking of rigid/flexible pavement design of main carriageway and service road for four-laning of Sultanpur to Varanasi section of NH-56. (km 134.700 to m 205.000)
    Client : MSV internationalInc . in year 2017.

Ongoing Design and Pre bid Advisory Projects

  • Consultancy Services for Project Management Phase 1 including Preparation of Detailed Project Report of the Highway (NH No.: 183 A) starting from its junction with NH No.: 183 near Adur connecting Pathanamthitta, Vadserikkara, Lahai, and terminating at its junction with new NH No.: 183 near Vandiperiyar in the State of Kerala to two / four lane with paved shoulder configuration – Lot V (NH/IAHE/58). Services includes all highway, bridge, pavement and all other ancillary work designs.

  • Detailed design consultancy services for Development of two laning of Existing Tanakpur to Pithoragarh Road on EPC basis starting from design Km. 91.930 to Km. 120.045 (Design Length 28.115 Kms) (Survey Km 92.880 Km 121.550. Length 28.670 Kms) of NH-125 (New NH-9) in the state of Uttarkhand.
    Client : Shivalaya Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.

  • Consultancy including Detail Design, value Engineering and all associated scope along with its submission and approval for Construction of ugradation of existing road to 2-lane with paved shoulder, including geometric improvement from Km. 0.00 to Km. 26.706 in Rhenok-Rorathang-Payong of NH-717A on EPC basis under SARDP-NE Phase ‘A’ in the state of Sikkim.
    Client :D.R. Agrawal Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

  • Detailed design consultancy services for Two Lane With paved shoulder project Highway comprises the section of Khamgaon – Mehkar – Aultanpur – Lonar – Mantha –Vathurphata – Partur – Mazalgaon – Dharur – Kaija – Kalamb – Barshi –Kuradwadi – Pandharpur - Sangola connecting NH-166 Section from Kurudwadi – Padharpur - Singola (SH-210) connecting NH-166 from existing KM 48+375 (Pandharpur) to KM 79+533 (Sangola, NH166) Padharpur (3200 KM overlay) NH-965C to Two lane with paved shoulder in the state of Maharashtra on EPC basis.
    Client: R.K. Chavan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

  • Detailed design services for construction of Two lane project highway for the road section Rangamati- Tikar-Hazam -Banta-Silli road (MDR-025) from km 8.8 km to km 46.37 km in the state of Jhakhand. Services included design of road and all CD structures of road.
    Client: M.G.Contractors Pvt. Ltd.

  • Consultancy services for Detailed Project Report for 2/ 4 lanning of 105 km of roads in state of Andhra Pradesh from Karnool to Dornala Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Upgradation of Highway starting form junction with NH-40 at Kurnool connecting Nandikotkur, Atmakur and terminating at its junction with NH-765 at Dornala to Two / Four Lane with Paved Shoulder Configuration (Package No: NH/IAHE/30, Category-I)

  • Consultancy services for Detailed Project Report for upgradation of Panipat- Shamli- Muzaffarnagar- Bijnor- Nagina road in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to two/four lane with paved shoulder configuration. (Package No. NH/IAHE/47/Category-II)
    Client: Pioneer Infra Consultants Pvt. Limited.

  • Detailed Design of 6 lanning of 100 km of Varanasi- Aurangabad section of NH-2 on DBFOT basis . Services contains producing the GFC's and taking its approval from our immediate client (SOMA enterprises), SPV and IE of project.

  • BTES is acting as Principle Advisor to Feedback Infra Private Limited and assisting Feedback for following projects.

    • Authority Engineer for Rehabilitation and up-gradation of NH-12A from km. 191.422 to Km. 242.3 (CHIPLI-KAWARDHA SECTION-PACKAGE-I),in the state of Chhattisgarh to 2 lane with paved shoulder under NHDP-IV phase on EPC basis.

    • Authority Engineer for Design Report for Widening and strengthening of Road Work and Reconstruction of culverts in Km. 31 to Km. 61 of NH-99 under NH Division Hazaribagh.

    • Authority Engineer for review of Amritsar - Taran- Taran section of NH-15 including Amritsar and Naushera bypass in Punjab under EPC mode -1

    • ⦁ Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Improvement / 2 laning from Yingkiong to Bishing(via GettePugging-Likor-Paling-Jido) road of length of 160km in state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Ongoing Survey and Investigation Projects

  • Topography surveys of 37.5 km long road, traffic surveys including CVC counts and axle load surveys for construction of Two lane project highway for the road section Rangamati- Tikar-Hazam0Banta-Silli (MDR-025) from km 8.8 km to km 46.37 km in the state of Jhakhand.
    Client: M.G.Contractors Pvt. Ltd

  • Topographic surveys of roads around Laxmi Nagar District Centre (Non-Hierarchical commercial Centre/shopping mall), Delhi
    Client: DIMTS, New Delhi

  • Topographic Surveys of roads around Rhenok-Rorathang-Pakyong of NH-717A from Km 0.00 to Km 26.706 in the state of Shikkim.
    Client : Dineshchandra R. Agrawal Infracon Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad